The Human “But”

While talking to Father and sipping on my coffee this morning had a download of understanding that said… “When I discipline and correct my children so their path be straightened, a lot of the time they don’t understand that I’m doing it because I love them. Therefore they tend to use a “but” at the… Continue reading The Human “But”


Understanding as a Birthday Gift

This birthday has been one of the greatest I’ve had, if not the greatest. I felt God’s love in such an overwhelming way over my life, not because of the birthday wishes and gifts, though I appreciate them, but because of an extraordinary sense of understanding on what the Lord is doing in my soul… Continue reading Understanding as a Birthday Gift


“You Give Love a Bad Name”

I woke up this morning singing this Bon Jovi song “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give LOVE a bad name.” When a song pops up in my head out of nowhere I pay close attention because it usually means God’s trying to tell me something.  I even said. Jesus who’s giving you… Continue reading “You Give Love a Bad Name”