10 thoughts on “Prophetic Word from Ryan LeStrange. A must watch Video.

  1. I don’t think it’s about an opponent. I think the Lord is preparing the Bride for higher levels of intimacy. Sometimes we need to change positions to see God from another angle. For instance. You know that one of Jesus’ names is ‘The Morning Star’ (The Sun). So, let’s say you have an office with big windows facing East. You have spectacular views of the rising Sun every morning. Though, you will never see the Sunset from that position. God is multifaceted.

    Sometimes we need a change, either geographical or of some other sort to be able to be part of the new thing God’s doing in your life.

    I believe this sudden move of yours is just that. God is repositioning you to provoke new things from out of your soul to tackle. He is exposing you to a different scenario to stir a new passion for Jesus within you.
    When we stay in the same place for a long time we tend to get stagnant and go into a plateau mode. He is spicing things up between you and Him.
    This has nothing to do with an opponent. Of course, the enemy don’t want you to go higher in your relationship with God, therefore, he tries to fill you up with fear and distraction. That’s why you must stay at rest in the eye of the hurricane. 😉

    Your friend has it right. You said she felt peace while praying for you. Which means, “this is not for your destruction but it’s actually for your good.” Also she heard the word “move” which means “God is behind this shifting.”
    If you put them together would be, “God is the one behind Joel’s shifting and it’s not for his destruction but for his wellbeing. God is in control.”
    So this leads to one thing, TRUST the master plan, even when you don’t have all the pieces. God never tells all the details. He gives us “hints”. I believe this is one big Hint for you.

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    1. I missed seeing this one so I’m late on my response! That makes a lot of sense. I feel peace about that. I like the office window facing east analogy. That’s a really good way to put it.

      I’m sorry, I feel like all our conversations come back to me and my situation! I don’t want to be selfish like that so I apologize if I’m being self centered.

      I have a friend, a strong believer, who asked me if I had ever thought about going into ministry myself. He said his mentor was in finance, like me, walked away from it and did ministry for 8 years. I didn’t know what to say. I’m a mountains and desert guy. My wife is a beach girl. She finally said I could look for jobs in colorado if i wanted to. So I’ve been applying there. I don’t know if these are pieces of the puzzle or just random tumble weeds that blew in that I need to ignore. There are just no doors open right now. So I’m waiting to see what God wants to open.

      I’m ready and willing! Whenever God is ready 🙂

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      1. Don’t be sorry brother. This is what I’m called to do and I enjoy it. One of the other reasons why we go through trials is to later help other people go through them by lifting them up.

        That’s a good question. I thought about the same thing the other day. However, If God calls you to ministry He will definitely let you know in your heart that that’s what you’re supposed to do. Also, everything is in due time. For instance, I’m called to ministry, yet in my case it has been a long process of preparation and convincing hahaha. I told God that I don’t want a traditional ministry, that I want something new and fresh. Let’ see how it goes.
        We all have a purpose and a calling to do something to represent the Kingdom. Either in ministry or in the 7 mountains of society. This next big movement of God, for example, will require big financial support. Therefore, God is preparing people’s hearts to be givers. These people will be financially blessed big time but they will have an understanding that it is to advance the Kingdom. The point here is to ask God and keep asking until He answers about your calling.

        My husband is a beach guy hahah he can’t wait to have the opportunity to find a job in a coastal city! I don’t mind the beach either, I’m not a fanatic like hubby though hahaha.
        Maybe the time has come for you to explore new horizons. Just know one thing, always keep your hope and your faith up while searching. If one door doesn’t open forget about that one quickly and keep looking. The Lord will NEVER leave you or forsake you. That’s a truth that needs to be deep rooted in your heart no matter what you see.

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      2. You’re definitely right, God will make it work at some point if that’s what he wants. I don’t know Jireh, I’m still not sure what God is getting at here. But I am all ears here, and I’ve been a lot more intentional with Jesus and with my family and my time since I’ve been home. I’m learning and lot. But I agree, God is definitely doing some big shifts right now regardless! Think I might spend extra time with Jesus tonight to see if he wants to say anything extra I’ve been missing in the daily noise.

        Haha my wife is all beach! I like it too, but give me mountains or desert first. Sorry I’m late on the response. I took yesterday as my sabbath off from wp and social media.

        And amen, he is always with us. Every step, every day. Hope you have a good evening sister! 🙂

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  2. That was good!! I felt like I got called out when he started talking about those in business! Love it! Let’s go innovate for Christ in all these different areas, different parts of the body we are apart of and are called to go!!

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    1. Oooh my gosh!! Isn’t this great! I felt God’s presence while he was speaking. We need to ask the Lord to help us focus in the new thing He’s doing. Leaving behind the old. Old methods are not going to work in this new season. It is important that we get in tuned with what the Spirit is doing. There is a lot of shifting. A lot of movement. The Lord gave me this picture today: It’s like a chess game. God is moving the chess pieces in ways that are not what we would normally expect.

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      1. I kinda get chills thinking about this, God can take us into new places, we’re talking cutting edge, spiritually experimental places where he is doing all new things. It’s like going down to Jesus’ research and development lab and him saying, “Here, let’s do this for the first time.” I want it.

        I like that vision God gave you. You know, he’s doing these new things and we’re so used to processing things in the old way, I have to ask him to give me eyes and ears so I can process and intake the new things he is doing. And when he does things we wouldn’t expect, it’s like it just comes out of left field. But, it’s so exciting. I think a good comparison to the world is like when Apple comes out with a new iPhone. It’s innovative, new technology for people to enjoy. They get excited about it. That excitement is the type of excitement I get about see God bring out new ways, new methods, new ways of thinking, new processes…plus it’s wayyy cooler than Apple!

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      2. Hahaha Love the analogy! 😂 So true!
        You see this process the way you see it, because you are keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus. There is no room for complaining, self pity and criticism. There are many doomed because they haven’t been able to see from outside of their own pity and lamentation. Fortunately we have learned to focus on praising and being thankful no matter how hard is the thing we’re going through. I have noticed that trials are less painful and even shorter when I’m willing to go along with God’s will. When I’m willing to adore His name regardless of the pain.

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    2. Joel check this word out from Lana Vawser. She even had the same chess illustration I had yesterday:

      Lana Vawser

      I had a dream last night where I heard the Lord saying that the people of God are about to enter into knowing a new level of grace and empowerment for the new PACE, SPACE and PLACE.

      The sense surrounded me in the dream and as I woke about a transition that is taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is moving His people who have given Him their surrendered “YES” into new SPACES, PLACES and PACES.

      As I awoke the Lord spoke to me about the people of God being awakened to a new level of empowerment, strength and ease that is found in His grace. His grace in it’s fullness is already ours because of Jesus, but there is a great awakening of grace about to take place. This awakening to His grace, His ease, His anointing and the rest in His love, is going to be so overwhelming in a good way, coming in like a tidal wave, it will see God’s people moving into DOUBLE PORTIONS.

      The SHIFTING that is taking place right now, I saw happening as SUDDEN SHIFTS catapulting God’s people into new opportunities that CHANGE EVERYTHING. There are MAJOR radical changes taking place in the lives of God’s people right now. Glorious changes so suddenly, that it can become overwhelming, but know you are about to know a new level of grace and empowerment. These opportunities are so strategic and crafted by heaven, they are going to change PACE (acceleration or rest), PLACE (territory, geographical location and extension of tent pegs) and SPACES (new realms, greater responsibility, promotion).

      There is a great REPOSITIONING happening right now in the body of Christ. I saw the Lord strategically moving chess pieces on a chessboard.He is shifting people into different positions and from our place of adoration, love and intimacy with Jesus, there needs to be a deeper surrender and embracing of this REPOSITIONING. A deeper level of trust of Him. KNOW that not only is He working for your best but leading you into something that is greater than your desired, expected BEST.

      This deeper ease coming from flowing in deeper revelation of His grace and empowerment of His Spirit, will see a level of fruitfulness in and through your life that you have never seen before. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord! (Zechariah 4:6)

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      1. Wow, that’s good! I checked out her site, she has some good stuff. Jireh, God is stating to do some really new things in his church here. This is crazy! There’s confirmation coming from all these different sources. So cool. Thank you for sending me this!

        So interesting that chess pieces keep coming up. So I have a question…Who do you think is the opponent that God is moving his chess pieces against specifically in these revelations? Satan, the world, our own sin, both, everything, a certain group, ourselves and our relationships with Jesus?

        I wonder if me losing my job is part of the repositioning? Ugh, I wish it was clear. I feel like I’m still driving in the fog. I wish I could see with some kind of clarity on this. Maybe he just wants trust, but it would be really cool for the fog to part and to be able to verify that I’m moving. One of my friends (Leneinjapan) told me she was praying for me the other day and that she felt peace, but she kept hearing “move.” I wonder if this is connected to that? Am I moving to another place in the Bride?

        God moves in mysterious ways sometimes, but I want to know and understand him!! 🙂

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